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There’s a great saying: tragedy plus time equals comedy. If you’ve ever been divorced, then you know this is true.

The divorce rate in the United States stands firmly at 50%. That’s half of all marriages in our great “family values” nation. Is it that we’ve lost our spirituality? Do we expect too much from our partners? Can we just not commit? Regardless of whether or not you’re cynical about marriage, it can’t be denied that it is a highly profitable institution, complete with all the bells and whistles of a great marketing campaign—from bridal magazines to destination wedding dot-coms to marriage reality TV shows. Marriage also brings with it a plethora of domestic and social expectations: What kinds of roles should husbands and wives play? Who cooks the meals? Who earns the money? What values is each spouse expected to uphold? These expectations, when taken too literally or too lightly, can easily lead to the slippery slope of an equally profitable institution--marriage’s counterpart, divorce.

Drawing from personal experiences and sharp observations about the state of marriage and divorce in America today, the creative team wanted to create a show that exposed divorce for what it really is: a social and legal process that treats human beings like wheels in a cog. Combining raw, biting comedy with beautiful, theatrical songwriting, DIVORCE! THE MUSICAL depicts greedy lawyers who instigate conflict in order to drag cases out and rake in the money, state laws that force vulnerable couples to publicly turn against each other during what should be a private time, therapists who are too consumed with their own problems to make a positive impact in their patient’s lives and parents who get too emotional and take their children’s relationships personally. Most importantly, it is a show about the tragic combination of love and expectation, the danger of miscommunication and disrespect, and the delicacy of a bond that often gets taken for granted in our society. DIVORCE! depicts a journey many of us have shared-- a journey through sadness, bitterness, irony and above all, that miraculous ability we all have to heal, forgive and move on.

Divorce! The Musical features music, lyrics and book by three-time Steven Sondheim Young Playwright's Award-winner and 2008 Frederick Loewe Award-winner Erin Kamler (Runway 69 at New Dramatists) with musical direction and arrangements by Ovation Award-winner David O (Ubu Roi and Jason Robert Brown's 13) and is directed and staged by multi award-winning director Rick Sparks (They Shoot Horses, Don't They?). Divorce! stars Rick Segall as Rich Hughes (Anthony Newley's Chaplin at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion), Lowe Taylor as Penny Bailey-Hughes (The Marvelous Wonderettes at the El Portal), Gabrielle Wagner as Laureen Grub/Therapist/Minister (Three Penny Opera at the Odyssey Theatre), Leslie Stevens as Lisa Groper/Annie Hughes (Broadway's La Cage Aux Folles) and Gregory Franklin as Mediator/Don Hughes (Chicago Tour of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Dennis DeYoung).

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